Regain the Reins

Learn to reduce anxiety for a more peaceful life

You are not alone

Ad Astra Stables was founded to assist Veterans, Military, Police, Fire Fighters, all other First Responders and their families challenged by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.​

Trauma-affected individuals are often drawn to horses and alternative approaches in support of their recovery. When talk therapy fails, and when specialized trauma therapies are not available, equine-assisted programs fill a gap for people who are desperate for change and who are drawn to the human-animal bond.

Without trauma awareness and skillfulness, equine interaction programs can unintentionally lead to harmful re-enactments for both two and four-legged participants. This is because trauma can also be present in the horses themselves, and in the facilitators offering the services – whether the service is therapeutic or learning-focused. Trauma is truly its own specialty area, and being trauma-informed is an essential part of safe and effective interventions for humans and for equines.


•  12 sessions focused on boundry setting, communication, anxiety reduction, understanding anger and reconnection
•  Use of our well trained horses and equipment
•  Nature Time
•  Clean, Safe, Non-Judgmental Environment

No riding or previous horse experience is necessary.  All activities are done safely from the ground.

This program is for you if:

  • You and/or your loved one is challenged with PTSD
  • You wish to reduce your isolation
  • You wish to learn how to manage extreme emotional reactions
  • You wish to learn how to reduce anxiety

Outcome: Learn to reduce anxiety for a more peaceful life


Good day I have meaning to write a well-deserved thank-you card to you and try to express what a good and moving experience it was to have  taken part in a session of Regain the Reigns. Your direction of the people taking part and how we observed you working with the huge horses. When it became my turn uncertain of what was expected of me and how I would be around the horse. Within minutes I could feel the horse and I just knew he sensed me. With direction I was able walk with the horse .THEN THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENED  “ NEVER DID THINK I WOULD BE BLIND FOLDED AND ASKED TO TAKE THE REINS OF A HUGE HORSE“. With a blindfold over my eyes I could feel the horse I held the reins and listened  to the words of a person who guided me first to walk straight. I would take a step then the horse would take a step. After 5 or 6 steps I was instructed to turn left. I thought OH NO the horse will keep going straight. By listening to the person guiding me and by the horse movements we turned. At that time I was quietly happy and it felt good the horse and I thought we could do this. We then did several turns around poles and obstacles. At the end you remove the blindfold and see what you just did. 


This experience was powerful and enabling. I believe it has restorative and healing powers. 

If you could assist Captain Brown so she may empower others it would be a gift to others that is priceless. 


Thank-you again 

Sincerely, M. B.


I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage in the Equine Assisted Learning program at Ad Astra Stables in Corbeil.  Their program has not only taught me the importance of positive human/horse interaction in a grounded environment, I also learned how vulnerable these powerful pack animals are.  Through this training and exposure therapy, I was able to relate this vulnerability to my own struggles as a surviving first responder suffering from post-traumatic stress injuries.  Often, injured serving and retired members are treated through clinical means, alienating their spouses or partners.  At AD Astra, my wife was a full participant in the healing process on my road to recovery.

I thank Larissa and Rob at Ad Astra for their ongoing efforts and dedication to those serving in our forces and first responders.

with heartfelt gratitude



I have been the recipient of the Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) with Ad Astra in Corbeil ON.   

I was a part of a group and we were paired with a horse to navigate set obstacles and learn the effectiveness of communication and trust.     I saw the benefits first hand with myself and also the group of peers who attended the session with me. 

I am the caregiver to a Veteran with PTSD who has been involved with EAL for 3 years and has learned how to manage many effects of the PTSD.   

I have recommended EAL with Ad Astra to peers, who are spouses of Veteran’s with PTSD and the feedback has been very beneficial for them. 

I believe in the benefits of EAL provided by Ad Astra and I believe in its success because of the owners and facilitators Larissa and Rob Brown. 

J. C.



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