The Elightened Equestrian


While working with our horses, the girls will experience an inner confidence, learn to reduce anxiety & explore boundaries. This is a fun program where the girls can connect and learn more about horses and themselves

The outcome of this program is to increase confidence & reduce anxiety. 


  • 4 sessions focused on safe horse handling, communication, boundary setting and reducing anxiety
  • Use of our well-trained horses and all equipment
  • Nature Time
  • Clean, Safe, Non-Judgmental Environment

​No previous horse or riding experience necessary.
All activities are done safely from the ground.


I am a 12 year old girl. My family has been struggling since my parents had their “accidents’ and the fall out after them. For the longest time I felt like I was the only one going through this. It played at my mind all the time. I tried my hardest to help my Mom out with my brothers but felt I was failing. I had a hard time understanding my feelings and just felt like a failure. My Mom brought up going to a teen program at Ad Astra. I wasn’t sure what it was about and had never been around horses. I was scared the first day. I had no self-confidence and couldn’t really look at the other kids there and stayed at the back of the group. My horse was Owen. I was terrified and it took everything I had to go close and brush him. I remember Larissa stepping in. She never pushed me to talk or participate more then I felt comfortable. I am not even sure I spoke for the first couple sessions and I was afraid to stop going because I had grown to love Owen. As time went on I became more comfortable both and the farm and at home. I started talking more to my Mom and my family. I started believing in me and the cutting stopped. It is still a challenge some days but Ad Astra has allowed me to reach out reach out to my mom and trust other adults so I can talk to them.



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